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Tibet Travel Rules (0)

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What is the standard "equipment" to travel in Tibet?

1.A travel plan
3.Dedicated Vehicle (with tourism lisence)
4.A Guide (with tourism lisence)

What you need to focus on?

1. The travel plan


2.PermitS - You cannot and don't need to apply for it, only travel agency can do and have to apply for you, trust me, it's quite complicated, save your time to do something valuable.

3.Dedicated Vehicle (with tourism lisence) - You'll need transportation anyway. For those who wants to drive by themselves, it's possible.

4.A Guide (with tourism lisence) - Many people don't like GUIDED TOURS, that makes you feel stupid? Please don't think that way. A guide could be your friend or interpreter - you'll feel better if you think so - and it's necessary.

5.Accommodations - To sleep well and safely is important, we offer special discount for those who wants to sleep in their Dedicated Vehicles.

6.$$$ - Tibet is not a budget travelling area, but it worth your every penny paid.

Just make your Tibet travel plan freely, any creative ideas are welcome.
We'll take care of the rest except #6.

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